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New residential propane customers recieve up to 100 FREE gallons and $100 Account Credit.

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Clean. Efficient.

Propane is an exceptional alternative to natural gas and heating oil. New propane heating systems achieve up to 95% energy efficiency.

Plus, Propane is:

  • One of the cleanest, most versatile sources of energy
  • Exceptionally energy-efficient
  • Predominantly produced in North America

Is it time to convert your home to propane?

Contact Dead River Company, and we will evaluate your current home heating system and recommend the best solution to reduce your home heating costs.

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Savings Estimator

  1. Enter the efficiency of your current heating system.

    Upgrading to a new propane heating system? Use the 94% efficiency rating, or the rating of the system that you're upgrading to.

    Installing a conversion burner into your existing system?Enter the same efficiency number in both spaces.

  2. Enter your local heating oil and propane price.
  3. Enter the number of gallons of oil you use annually.
  4. See how much you could save by switching your central heating system to propane!
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